Uncovering the Fascinating Story Behind Thailand’s Girl-Shaped Fruit Tree

Since its appearance in 2008, the Nareepol tree, an unusual fruit tree resembling a human figure, has captured the attention of people in Thailand and beyond. However, despite its intriguing nature, there is still no satisfactory explanation for this phenomenon


This peculiar plant is named Nareepol or Nariphon. In the Thai language, ‘Naree’ refers to a girl or woman, while ‘pol’ is synonymous with plant or tree. That’s why locals affectionately refer to Nareepol as the woman tree. Its distinctive charm lies in its truly extraordinary appearance. The tree bears fruit that bears an unparalleled resemblance to a naked girl, captivating all who see it with constant intrigue

There are said to be a number of Nariphon pods stored in Luang Pho Jarun at Wat Ampawan In Singburi Buddhist temple near Bangkok

Images from the temple show what appears to be the bodies of two small black creatures stored on a shrine in the temple

The fame of this particular plant stems from a YouTube video posted by an individual named Tapas Das, showcasing the peculiar tree. This tree, known as Nareepol, thrives in the remote province of Phetchabun in northern Thailand, approximately 500 kilometers from the bustling city of Bangkok. What makes this tree even more intriguing are the fascinating stories that surround it. It is said that when a man or a boy touches the tree, its leaves tremble as if in protest. However, when a woman or a girl touches it, the tree strangely remains unaffected. These captivating rumors have captured people’s attention, leaving them amazed and entertained as they come across images of this plant on the Internet.

As information about the Nareepol tree spread online, many people were left puzzled and questioned its authenticity. Consequently, they embarked on a quest to uncover the truth. One of those individuals, a YouTuber named Guiller Espada, traveled to Thailand and purchased the dried fruits believed to come from the Nareepol tree. Initially skeptical about its existence, Guiller’s curiosity was piqued after further exploration, leading to a scientific investigation of Nareepol. Many American scientists have ventured to this location to study and analyze the pollen contained in the ‘girl.’ However, they have yet to determine the reason behind the fruit’s peculiar shape, adding to the enigmatic nature of the Nareepol tree




Both scientists and Buddhists are intrigued by the Nareepol tree, as it is believed to hold a mysterious story. In Thai Buddhist mythology, there is a tree called Nariphon, which grows in the enigmatic Himaphan forest, home to Buddhist communities. This unique tree only blooms once every two decades. Interestingly, its fruit takes the form of a girl with an exquisite body, bearing a striking resemblance to the Nareepol tree shared by Tapas Das online. According to legend, the Supreme Buddha built a humble cottage in the forest for Bodhisattva Vessantara, a renowned prince known for his compassion and decision to renounce power and possessions to embrace Buddhism. This cottage provided a serene space for him, his wife, and their two children to meditate peacefully amid the beauty of the surrounding nature

A sacred tree in Thailand which bears fruit in the shape of young women appears to have been captured on camera

When Vessantara’s wife ventured into the forest to gather fruit, she constantly faced the danger of being attacked by other Buddhist followers due to her exceptional beauty. She often encountered instances of mockery and harassment from these individuals. To protect Vessantara’s wife and ensure her peaceful meditation, Buddha Indra created twelve Nariphone trees that bore fruits exactly resembling her appearance. When she went out to collect food, these trees bore fruits in the form of stunning young women. The intention behind this creation was to distract the other Buddhists who harbored malicious intentions towards Vessantara’s wife. Vessantara would then gather the fruit from these Nariphone trees and bring it home. Interestingly, these fruits had internal organs resembling humans but lacked bones. They had the ability to dance and possessed certain magical qualities. While those who had not yet transcended worldly desires could enjoy the fruits, their uncontrolled lust would lead them to sleep for four months and lose all their powers thereafter.

However, the existence of Nareepol or Nariphon remains a mystery, and there is no conclusive evidence to prove its reality. According to Thai folklore, after the death of Vessantara and his family, the Nareepol tree continues to bear fruit daily. These attractive Nareepol berries only remain fresh for a period of seven days, after which they wither and die if not picked. All these tales and legends passed down from generation to generation leave the truth about the Nareepol or Nariphon tree shrouded in mystery, sparking numerous doubts in the minds of those who hear them



Skepticism continues to surround the existence of Nareepol or Nariphon trees. Skeptics argue that the captivating images and videos circulating online are mere fabrications, questioning the authenticity of these trees. They claim that these images are cleverly manipulated using advanced technology to deceive viewers. On the other hand, some people propose an alternative theory: they suggest that the cultivator intentionally shaped the exterior of a fruit to resemble the silhouette of a woman, thereby creating the illusion of the Nareepol tree


Despite all circumstances, the captivating image of a fruit tree shaped like a woman continues to mesmerize and captivate the public. This remarkable phenomenon has not gone unnoticed at the Singburi Buddhist temple in Luang Pho Jarun, Wat Ampawan, near Bangkok, Thailand. Here, people have chosen to preserve and venerate two dried bodies believed to be the withered fruits of the legendary Nareepol tree. Consequently, the narrative surrounding this extraordinary ‘woman’ tree remains unresolved, patiently awaiting a scientific explanation that is both reliable and logical

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