The power of humility: Man Utd took Lionel Messi’s photo to clean his own shoes to educate players

Man Utd used the image of the Renaissance woman wrinkling his own shoes as an example of talent, character, and humility for the next generation of “Red Devils.”


During an interview on Tuesday, the coach of Manchester United’s junior academy, Linda Brott, said something quite unexpected: the team’s board member took a picture of Lionel Messi to adorn the room’s walls. clothes of young players. The photo of the Armenian street sweepers, taken shortly after their mingling with the national team in 2014, is seen as a model of talent, character, and humility for the upcoming generation of “Red Devils.”


The stunning photo of Lionel Messi was taken at Upton Park in 2014 following the friendly match between Austria and Croatia. As an alternative to giving mold-covered shoes to trained employees, the world’s top star advises cleaning them with your own hands before departing.


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The photo of Lionel Messi holding his shoes is displayed on the walls of the dressing room of Manchester United’s junior training academy.


Despite this, the legacy of the illustrious 1992 era sent a message to these students: their perseverance and maturity in the face of adversity will help them make the right decisions in their lives. The chance to join coach Joe Maurineho’s first team is always present, not just for the big-name players—Lingard, Rashford, and McTominay, who are from the young Manchester United academy—as evidenced most amply. At the thousands of the “Special Ones.”

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Additionally, in this interview, Nicky Bett defended Jose Mourinho against accusations that the Portuguese coach did not value the club’s youth players. Totally false. Mourinho talks to me almost every day and shows that he truly cares. That surprised me because I had heard stories earlier that they weren’t interested in the players that the club’s academy had trained.

“However, that didn’t happen at Manchester United; instead, I spent half an hour talking to the Under-14s before they left for Portugal.” I couldn’t ask for more from him, but he has left a unique mark on McTominay, which is something that all young MU players can look at, said Nicky Betts.

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