Exploring the Wonders of Raising Identical Triplets: Valuable Parenting Advice and Treasured Insights for Nurturing Three Exceptional Kids

Amanda and Chad Doss have a unique family situation with their naturally occurring identical triplets: Avery, Bentley, and Cassidy. Despite their similarities, the parents have adopted a relaxed approach to parenting, often reminding themselves not to panic with the simple mantra, “Calm down, they’re just triplets.” To help distinguish between their daughters, they use a pink Sharpie marker and take note of small distinctions such as Cassidy’s noticeable nose vein and one of Bentley’s red eyelids. Although it can be challenging to tell them apart, the family has learned to embrace their differences and cherish the joy that comes with having three identical daughters.

The Dosses are facing the challenge of keeping track of their triplets’ individual identities as they change rapidly every day. To solve this problem, they have decided to use a marker after every bath to label the soles of their feet with their initials in Sharpie. This will help them keep track of their individuality even if their scars fade away. The couple from Franklin, Indiana, who already have two children from Chad’s previous marriage, were surprised when they found out that they would be having triplets. Chad had previously undergone a vasectomy to limit the size of their family. The three babies were born on December 30, much earlier than expected, but they behaved well in the hospital and were discharged on January 29, almost a month before Amanda’s due date.

Amanda shared that despite the hustle and bustle, she had an enjoyable experience. The Doss family grew to include seven members who resided in a three-bedroom house with cots for each infant in the master bedroom. With the constant support of their loved ones, the couple developed a routine where they split parenting and household responsibilities. Although they admit to feeling exhausted and overwhelmed at times, the parents are proud of their daughters for understanding the reality of daily life. To Amanda’s surprise, it wasn’t as difficult as she had imagined. “I pictured utter chaos in my mind, but taking care of them at this young age is actually quite easy. I feel very maternal. There are three children who need my attention.” Chad’s friends expressed admiration for how smoothly the Doss’s household seemed to run, even with the constant noise and commotion.

Amanda shared her strategy for managing triplets, which involves following a set routine and avoiding stress. She acknowledges that even one baby can test a new parent’s patience, but she remains committed to staying calm. Meanwhile, Chad believes that their success is due to their mutual spirit of cooperation. They take turns leading when the other is too exhausted. Chad emphasizes that they are both very supportive of each other and strive to make each other happy. Love is what keeps them going. Caleb and Kaitlyn, the older siblings, adore their younger sisters and are always eager to assist them, according to Amanda.

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